What does it cost?

Joining up is a three stage process – designed to allow you to try Taekwondo in bite size chunks.

First session is free.

Pay for 4 weeks training.
– One training session per week = $56 total. ($14 per week)
– Two or more training sessions per week = $80 total ($20 per week).

If you are happy with your first free session and want to join right away, you can skip “Trial” and just join.

There is a one off sign up fee of $120 – this fee includes
– Southern Stars Taekwondo uniform
– Australian Taekwondo membership (including insurance) for the calendar year
– Belt
– Drink bottle
– Carry bag

Training fees are charged on a school term basis.
We offer discounts for families of 3 or more.
– Students training once per week = $140 per school term.
– Students training more than once per week = $200 for a 10 week school term.

Fees are modified appropriately if the student starts mid term.
While fees are non refundable – athletes can attend more classes to ‘catch up’ and fees can be placed on hold if needed, such as a planned absence like a holiday.

Additional Costs

We do offer training programs over the school holidays, the fees listed here do not include school holiday training.
Personal training equipment (eg shin guards, arm guards) are available for purchase through the club.
At the end of each term, students over 5 years of age can grade to go up a belt level. Gradings are optional and attract a grading fee.
Membership to Australian Taekwondo (which includes insurance) is an annual fee. This fee is already included in your first year sign up package, but needs to be renewed each calendar year.

Anything else?

There are no exit fees / cancellation fees.