Class Procedures

New starters often feel uneasy walking into a new place, should you bow? who to? how? What else do you need to know?

Newcomers are welcome. You don’t need to know anything. We are glad that you have decided to investigate Taekwondo and learn how you can benefit from martial arts training. Walk in and make yourself known – the rest you will learn over time.

For those who want to know, here are some of the procedures we follow:

– Bow when entering / leaving the dojang.
– Bow to your teacher when you arrive / leave after you have caught the teacher’s eye.
– Turn your back to the teacher when adjusting your uniform / belt etc.
– At the start of the session, the class lines up in order of rank, and the bows to the teacher.
– Similarly, at the end of the session, the the class lines up in order of rank, and the class bows to the teacher. The class then also bows to the highest ranking student in the session.
– No eating / drinking / toilet breaks unless permitted (breaks are scheduled within the session).
– Maintain personal hygiene, trimmed finger and toe nails and general cleanliness.

Bowing – how to bow?

Both girls and boys follow the same process.
Stand straight with straight arms by your side, with hands positioned as ‘loose fists’ by your side.
Tilt your head forward and bend at the waist, and then stand up straight again.
To repeat the first point – don’t stress out – all these things will be learned in time.