Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Choose Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is an ancient martial art and modern Olympic sport with it’s roots dating back to ancient times of conflict on the Korean Peninsula. It is distinguished by an emphasis on powerful and dynamic kicking techniques and upholding traditional values – courtesy, integrity, self control, perseverance, indomitable spirit.

In terms of physical development Taekwondo provides the ideal combination of strength, fitness, flexibility, coordination and reflex training.

Training is designed to be challenging, fun and rewarding. By providing regular, incremental, genuine positive feedback, students are nurtured to see for themselves in what ways they are improving and progressing. Building self confidence, improving focus, establishing self discipline – that’s what we are on about.

The longest journey starts with a single step. Come along for a free session and investigate the benefits of Taekwondo training.

Q. Can I Do A Trial Class?

Your first session is free.

You pay nothing for your first session and there are no obligations. This is the ideal opportunity to see if you want to take up Taekwondo training without having to commit.

We suggest wearing tracksuit pants and a t-shirt, clothes that fit comfortably and will move when you do. Be prepared to sweat!

We will ask you to fill out a sign up form upon arrival, primarily to ensure that you agree that you are medically fit for exercise and that you assume the risk of injury that comes with training. Rest assured that your details will not be used for marketing purposes.

Q. What Do I Bring to my First Session

Newcomers are always welcome.

Your first session is free.

  • Bring your own drink bottle with water or suitable equivalent.
  • Please wear clothing that is suitable for exercise, for example tracksuit pants and a t shirt.
  • Humility. Dont be a hero. You can't master everything in your first session. Take it slowly at first and its OK if you aren't perfect.

We will ask you to fill out a sign up form upon arrival, primarily to ensure that you agree that you are medically fit for exercise and that you assume the risk of injury that comes with training. Rest assured that your details will not be used for marketing purposes.

Thats it! Come on in and find out if Taekwondo training is right for you.

Q. What Is Involved In A Typical Session?

There are various modules which can be incorporated into a particular session based on desired outcomes. At Southern Stars Taekwondo we have programs to suit athletes of varying ages and ability.

Described here are a handful of possible modules which might contribute to a session.

Disclaimer: The steps described here are one of many possible combinations of training modules which vary according to desired outcomes, age and skill level of participating athletes. This section describes only one such training session.

Warm Up: All sessions begin with warm up. Raising the heart rate, mobilising joints, stretching out, preparing mind and muscle for the upcoming workout.

Kick Out: Athletes work with partners and instructors to accelerate kicking, punching and movement to maximum speed.

Skills Training: Prepare to sweat! Students are put through their paces with various drills and scenarios which require concentration, coordination and physical exertion.

Kyorugi – Sparring: Time to put those skills into practice! Students pad up into the appropriate safety equipment and pair up for sparring practice. While in the dojang (training venue), athletes are required to take care of each other – the more experienced and older athletes are asked to encourage and develop new students.

Poomsae – Patterns: Students learn and reinforce prescribed steps – defending and attacking a sequence of imaginary opponents. Great training for mind and body.

Warm Down: Time to wind down and stretch out, working on flexibility and reduce the impact of muscle fatigue and soreness.

Final Comments: There are many more training modules and options based on the desired outcomes, age and skill level of the participants, but we hope this section has helped describe a brief cross section of what might be expected from any given session.

Q. Uniforms And Equipment

New students are welcome to train in clothing that is suitable for exercise.

Once students decide to take up Taekwondo training on an ongoing basis, our sign-up package includes uniform, insurance, drink bottle, carry bag and belt.

New starters won't need any extra equipment right away.

We have equipment order forms available at training sessions and orders are usually filled within the week.

Q. What Does It Cost?

Joining up is a three stage process – designed to allow you to try Taekwondo in bite size chunks.

  • Try
    Your first session is free.
  • Trial
    Pay for 4 weeks training.
    – One training session per week = $56 total. ($14 per week)
    – Two or more training sessions per week = $80 total ($20 per week).
    If you are happy with your first free session and want to join right away, you can skip “Trial” and just join.
  • Join
    There is a sign up fee of $120 – this fee includes
    – Southern Stars Taekwondo uniform
    – Australian Taekwondo membership (including insurance) for the calendar year
    – Belt
    – Drink bottle
    – Carry bag
    Training fees are charged on a school term basis.
    We offer discounts for families of 3 or more.
    – Students training once per week = $140 per school term.
    – Students training more than once per week = $200 for a 10 week school term.
    Fees are modified appropriately if the student starts mid term.
    While fees are non refundable – athletes can attend more classes to ‘catch up’ and fees can be placed on hold if needed, such as a planned absence like a holiday.
    We do offer training programs over the school holidays, the fees listed here do not include school holiday training.
    Personal training equipment (eg shin guards, arm guards) are available for purchase through the club.
    At the end of each term, students over 5 years of age can grade to go up a belt level. Gradings are optional and attract a grading fee.
    Membership to Australian Taekwondo (which includes insurance) is an annual fee. This fee is already included in your first year sign up package, but needs to be renewed each calendar year.
    There are no exit fees / cancellation fees.

Q. Class Procedures

New starters often feel uneasy walking into a new place, should you bow? who to? how? What else do you need to know?

Newcomers are welcome. You don’t need to know anything. We are glad that you have decided to investigate Taekwondo and learn how you can benefit from martial arts training. Walk in and make yourself known – the rest you will learn over time.

For those who want to know, here are some of the procedures we follow:

– Bow when entering / leaving the dojang.
– Bow to your teacher when you arrive / leave after you have caught the teacher’s eye.
– Turn your back to the teacher when adjusting your uniform / belt etc.
– At the start of the session, the class lines up in order of rank, and the bows to the teacher.
– Similarly, at the end of the session, the the class lines up in order of rank, and the class bows to the teacher. The class then also bows to the highest ranking student in the session.
– No eating / drinking / toilet breaks unless permitted (breaks are scheduled within the session).
– Maintain personal hygiene, trimmed finger and toe nails and general cleanliness.

Bowing – how to bow?

- Both girls and boys follow the same process.
- Stand straight with straight arms by your side, with hands positioned as ‘loose fists’ by your side.
- Tilt your head forward and bend at the waist, and then stand up straight again.
To repeat the first point – don’t stress out – all these things will be learned in time.

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