Advanced Training

Southern Stars Taekwondo have an excellent track record of producing outstanding athletes. Having trained extensively in Australia, Asia and Europe - Master Matt has acquired significant knowledge of advanced training techniques and strategies.

The club has produced many top tier competition athletes - both male and female black belt athletes achieving excellent results including international podium finishes.

Taekwondo is more than just competition, and our experienced athletes can develop skills in many ways. Athletes are taught how to combine attacks into incredible combinations. We have specific sessions dedicated to athletes who hold a ranking of blue belt and higher, and high level athletes are always given opportunities to improve.

Learning the Taekwondo jumping kicks is a fun and exciting way to develop power and athleticism. Jump kicking is incorporated into our gradings and athletes get to practice and demonstrate their skills on a regular basis.

Taekwondo patterns - "Poomsae" - is another area which athletes can explore. As athletes progress through higher belts and rankings, they are introduced to new and interesting sequences of blocks and attacks.

Master Matt has developed good relationships with many instructors and clubs in NSW, ACT and Australia. Throughout the year we provide opportunities for athletes to work with students from other clubs.

Experienced athletes are also encouraged to share their knowledge and teach the next generation of athletes. Our leadership development program provides structure and opportunity for our athletes to develop theier leaderships abilities.

Black belts can develop to extreme levels of athleticism.