Master Jade MacSweeney

Master Jade MacSweeney - Accreditations

  • Kukkiwon 4th Dan Black Belt
  • Registered Instructor with Australian Taekwondo
  • NSW Working with children check
  • First aid accreditation
  • NCAS coaching accreditation (Australian Sports Commission – National Coaching Accreditation Scheme)
  • AIS – child protection certificate (Australian Institute of Sport)
  • AIS – harassment and discrimination certificate (Australian Institute of Sport)
  • ASADA – Anti Doping level 1 accreditation (Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority)
  • Australian Taekwondo Coaching Accreditation
  • Many years of competition experience, Australian National Champion x2, National Silver Medalist x1, National Bronze Medalist x3. Multiple time NSW State Champion, International level competition experience
  • Sparring coach – 7 years at state and national level coaching
  • 20 years of overall experience in Taekwondo including other martial arts styles.

Master Jade MacSweeney - History

Master Jade is a 4th Dan Black belt in World Taekwondo. She started her Martial arts career aged 8 in Dublin, Ireland. She trained and competed as a sparring competitor for 4 years in ITF Taekwondo, and upon moving to Australia in 2006 spent some time trainig in various martial arts including Boxing, Karate and Hapkido.

In 2009 Jade was blown away by a Taekwondo demonstration at an Australia Day Festival. It was Master Matt and the demo team he had organised for the day. Jade recommitted to Taekwondo training and powered her way to black belt in 2012. Jade worked hard on her athleticism and also her education in sports science.

Jade trained under Master Matt as a competition athlete, fighting at events from local, State, National all the way to the very top level of International Open Women's Black Belts. She thoroughly enjoyed the unique challenge that is Combat Sport competition, training hard over many years to become a strong and well rounded fighter.

During her fighting career Jade also joined forces with Matt in 2013 to form Southern Stars Taekwondo. This was a very exciting step in her martial arts career, and she has loved teaching and coaching ever since. She enjoys researching and designing training ideas which are refreshing and interesting, and keeping up to date with the most current training methods in the sport.

I love teaching Taekwondo and I find it personally very rewarding. We have built up an incredibly supportive and welcoming team and I take pride in the community-oriented culture that we have at Southern Stars Taekwondo.
Jade showing off a nice front kick in taekwondo patterns Jade is a great coach and communicates well with the athletes Jade coaching at the Sydney Taekwondo Championships Jade is an experienced coach and and an integral part of the sparring team Jade showing a great reverse kick - breaking a board being held by only one hand