School Sport

We have years of experience teaching Taekwondo / Martial Arts for School Sport for High School students and also Primary School.

Some schools invite us to run a specific program for 8-10 weeks within a given school term. We also run a school sport program on an ongoing basis.

We have all of the appropriate accreditations (Public Liability Insurance, Working With Children Check, NCAS Coaching Accreditation via Australian Taekwondo) to meet all documentation requirements.

We come to you and bring all of the required training equipment. We aim to be 15 minutes early for all sessions and we can tailor sessions to meet specfic needs.

Schools are asked to provide

  • A suitable space for training
  • 10 students minimum
  • 1 teacher or staff member for supervision.
  • Sessions typically run for an hour but can be modified if required.

A typical session would include:

  • Introductory chat - describe session purpose and outcomes.
  • Warm up activity - heart rate
  • Warm up - joint mobilisation and dynamic stretching
  • Martial Arts Training - striking - kicking - punching
  • Taekwondo specfic training - jumping / twisting / striking
  • Optional extras - basic self defence, patterns
  • Stretch down, Outtro, session purpose and outcomes.

Our rates are very reasonable and we get excellent feedback. Please call Matt (0410 816 836) or Jade (0434 059 354) or email if you want to know more.

We teach in schools We teach in schools