Kids Programs - Challenging and Rewarding

Taekwondo is an excellent martial art for kids. The dynamic nature of Taekwondo is fantastic for getting kids motivated and moving - developing essential gross motor skills.

Taekwondo covers so many areas of physical development, striking, blocking, moving, jumping, fitness, strength and conditioning, flexibility. We also work on mental skills involved in martial arts training, helping kids learn new skills and develop self confidence. At Southern Stars Taekwondo we uphold the traditional tenets of Taekwondo - Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit.

Our program is designed to be challenging and rewarding. We cater for kids of all skill levels, we aim to give genuine praise for genuine progress. Children at an intermediate level and higher have the option to attend advanced classes, and we also offer competition specific training for those interested Olympic style Taekwondo fighting. Our sparring team (outside of COVID) compete regularly at the club, state, national and international level.

Master Matt and Master Jade have the relevant experience and up to date accreditations to provide a appropriate and safe environment for children.

  • NCAS Coaching Accreditation
  • First Aid Trained
  • Working With Children Accreditation
  • + more accreditations including Anti Discrimination and Harrassment - Oceancia Taekwondo coaching accrediation, World Taekwondo coaching accreditation

We take child protection seriously and have sensible policies in place

  • Open door policy - even private conversations must take place in view of others
  • No one-on-one sessions - a third person must be present
  • Children have a clear understanding of where they can and cannot go in our training venues
  • Matt and Jade have up to date accreditation and experience managing sports injuries

we cater for beginners we offer training for kids as young as 4 kids learn epic skills nice side kick!