Teens And Adults

Taekwondo training is great for teenagers and adults. Taekwondo offers a dynamic combination of flexibility, strength, fitness and reaction training suitable for all levels of athlete. Additional to our enthusiastic teenage athletes - we have several parents (Mums AND Dads) who train with either their younger or teenage children - or manage to get out of the house for an hour to enjoy a workout.

Sessions are tailored for athletes of various skill levels and stages of life - with older members being catered for with reduced impact and higher emphasis on flexibility, strength and conditioning.

Teenagers and younger adults are pushed as far as they are willing to go. We have two instructors per session which enables us to cater for new starters while still motivating the entire group to enjoy their training.

We will get to know you and what goals you are trying to achieve, assist you with injury management and encourage you with your overall health and fitness.

We have sessions which cater specifically for this age group, and we also enable parents to train with their younger children if that suits best.

Another key difference between our kids programs and teens / adults is the grading process to move to a higher belt level. We grade teens and adults when training hours are sufficient and have shown the capabilities which will be required in the grading process. This group grades slightly less often than the kids program, but move through fewer belts.

The journey to Black Belt is White - Yellow - Orange - Green - Blue - Purple - Brown - Red - Black which typically takes 4 years to achieve.

Taekwondo for adults. Competitions for teenagers and adults are challenging and rewarding Our black belts develop amazing skills Taekwondo is excellent exercise for men and women