What is Involved in a Typical Session?

There are various modules which can be incorporated into a particular session based on desired outcomes. At Southern Stars Taekwondo we have programs to suit athletes of varying ages and ability.

Described here are a handful of possible modules which might contribute to a session.

The steps described here are one of many possible combinations of training modules which vary according to desired outcomes, age and skill level of participating athletes. This section describes only one such training session.

Warm Up
All sessions begin with warm up. Raising the heart rate, mobilising joints, stretching out, preparing mind and muscle for the upcoming workout.

Kick Out
Athletes work with partners and instructors to accelerate kicking, punching and movement to maximum speed.

Skills Training
Prepare to sweat! Students are put through their paces with various drills and scenarios which require concentration, coordination and physical exertion.

Kyorugi – Sparring
Time to put those skills into practice! Students pad up into the appropriate safety equipment and pair up for sparring practice. While in the dojang (training venue), athletes are required to take care of each other – the more experienced and older athletes are asked to encourage and develop new students.

Poomsae – Patterns
Students learn and reinforce prescribed steps – defending and attacking a sequence of imaginary opponents. Great training for mind and body.

Warm Down
Time to wind down and stretch out, working on flexibility and reduce the impact of muscle fatigue and soreness.

Final Comments
There are many more training modules and options based on the desired outcomes, age and skill level of the participants, but we hope this section has helped describe a brief cross section of what might be expected from any given session.